3rd encounter with WordPress!!Here I am..This is me!!

So as the headline ran,this is the 3rd time I am writing  “my first post”. If WordPress could ever talk and recognise me here, it might have poked fun at me for my previous works! Haa..Thanks to my lack of dedication and procrastinating genes! sad:-(

well..about my old blogs,I don’t even remember the site names I initially used! As u can guess after  2-3 posts they went into oblivion!I started the first blog when I moved to a new city for my first job after graduation..there was excitement to meet new people,visit new places and to explore another dimension of being myself-“financially independent and away from home”.Even today I think of those days with a great sense of satisfaction for all the learning experiences I had. But I forgot about the blog in between!

The next time the attempt was to share my ideas and thoughts,stories about the people ,the good and the bad.Which eventually got cancelled when I found I was always the hero in my stories!!Even I was bored! later on I tried getting into everyone’s shoes to understand the epics better and by the time blog was buried!

Anyway now after a long time I am here again!!There are many reasons to start a blog  and adding to the fun, i have signed a secret contract with my friend about writing a blog!

I am here to stay for a while..



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