From falling to flying…Indomitable Spirit!

Do you know how you manage to be happy after a blow?

((Blow.. of any kind,any intensity!and yes ofcourse your problem is the biggest one for you..and mine is the biggest one for fight in that matter,dont even try to compare:-))

We all at some point of life fall on ground and test the soil.I use to go a lil further digging holes in ground,burying myself and cursing the planet. Thanks to the spontaneity of life that things get faded out and other day you are up and flying in the sky!

((For those who have never flew in your life,you shouldn’t be here reading this,its high time you join some flying coaching have pretty much these days! I guess in future the only thing the AI can’t do effectively will be helping humans fly.There are data scientist who believe their machine learning algorithms will even make that happen..anyway I hate that idea right now))

Anyway I was into discussing this because I always felt that it is the good people around that helps us when we are down, but that thought was in trouble after talking to Sid last day.

((Sid is my foster kid-nephew ,from whom I extract beautiful lessons of life. Indirectly he is helping me in my development rather than the other way round ))

I came to know from my sister that he fractured his leg during a football practice session and is very upset about missing a school match. She grumbled about how he misbehaved for missing the match. When I paid a visit, he was getting back on his legs but was still under house arrest. He pleaded me to take him to the ground to watch his team mates practice and I did .As we were driving to the playground few kilometers away I asked him why he shouted at home and protested for missing the match, which in no way was their fault. Not very surprised by the question he looked at me,smiled and then said “They don’t understand.It was a critical match for me and they took it very silly  when I cried, I was frustrated but not for very long.When I was lying down desperately I could see pictures of me flying with the ball. I felt bad for shouting” Patting his leg he continued “Once I am okay to play,i will take more practise sessions on ground” he sounded energetic and confident while saying that. “That’s my champ” I replied with a smile. We spent that evening in the ground watching others play for a long time before heading to home.

After that I was particularly thinking about the “flying with the ball ” images Sid saw when he was lying on the bed. Was his soul speaking to him and did that happened because he worshipped football.He picked himself up when he fell and that is beautiful, we all do that knowingly or unknowingly!

I never thought about this ” I am solely responsible for repairing my life” before. But yes, now i agree to it!Having good people around only helps us to have a peaceful space so that we can listen to the indomitable spirit that sings from  inside. And all we can do is to feed ourselves with love for life, for our passions,  for the small world and moreover for ourselves to keep our spirit up. Once done is enough, the indomitable spirit from within will keep singing for the rest of your life.


I have seen you fly ..Magnificently… many times!

Fluttering and reaching out to the sky with much easiness,

Liberating eternal power from within as you glide through,

Finding solace for lifting yourself up & winning back your happiness,

I have seen you fly..Magnificently..many time!!

-Your Indomitable Spirit

Think about the last time when you managed a blow??Well… does that really matter to go back and check?Oh yes..i think!When you know whom to ask for help,you need not be lying on the ground for a long!Give credits to yourself, because you picked yourself up always and say thank you to the good people who were around you who believed that you can!!

Be Your Own Savior!






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