Cake Cutting!!


I never go to meet my lil nephew with out pastries. Three cake pieces was his usual quota. One day I landed at Mango Bakers on my way to meet Sid, uunfortunately they had ran out of pastries in pieces and I had to buy a cake. Sid was very excited that day to cut the cake. He made it into beautiful pieces all by himself and had a good time eating some of them.

I asked lil Sid “Was that a good one?? Enjoying his choclate flakes he replied “Yeah Tonnes. We should often cut cakes likes this and never wait for my bday to make it grand.I feel very happy and excited about cutting this cake” I nodded agreeing to him. What is there in a cake cutting??

I tried to  recollect the last time when I cut the cake  other than for birthday or at a success party but couldn’t remember any. I knew,Its high time I start cutting cakes of happiness!

When my sister came in later ,she was surprised to see the cake on the table, While a grabbing a small piece she asked “What is  the cake for? What is special?”

This Life.. is indeed Special:-)




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