Brain: F*** off..nothing works right now! I am dead..Who drained my energy?

Heart: Just come in front of the mirror, we can sort out!You just need to see yourself with a smile and you will be back!

Brain : No..not infront of the mirror..I just feel I am ugly now!

Heart: Oh yes you are..Just because you are throwing yourself into dustbin!Stop acting like shit

Brain: What??

Heart: Sorry I shouldnt be that rude..see what I am telling you is that,You are the best! You can handle everything..I mean We can do it!

Brian: But things are not moving..I feel suffocated between these walls!

Heart :Calm down..lets go for a walk!

Brain : No..i am not in a mood..I don’t want to go!

Heart: You don’t want to walk because you know it that, when you come back everything will be sorted in your mind!


Heart: Yes..yes exactly dude,this is weird that you stick on to your bad mood and don’t want to change!!

Brain :No ..seriously its just that I don’t have a mood to walk..there are many problems to be solved,i don’t even know where to start,what will work out and bla blaa

Heart: What is the new one that I am not aware of?

Brain : (Digging some old list of problems from files)See..i have many. (Explaining it one by one..pumbing in  water through eyes in between. Signalling the sneeze )

Heart: I don’t know why you still keep all of them,most of it had been sorted before.You remember more about the problems and less about the solutions.

Brain : Don’t tell me about memory..You too have a special file system,which is overloaded all the time,isn’t it?

Heart: Its just the emotions..But I never complain

Brain: Because you know there is nothing you can do about it..you are weak!

Heart: Exactly there is nothing I can do about it..but that’s not because I’m weak..Its just that I am more mature enough to let things go..

Brain: So you think I don’t let things go as such.. ?

Heart: There is no point in you letting things go and falling asleep or watching TV.You have to initiate productive work..Learning..Doing..Happiness!I know its a burden ,but you always loved to do it.

Brain: I know I know..I have to do it!!But I lost the thing yaar..The purpose the passion! Its just an F day!

Heart: Its okay dude..just calm down..I know you are good at doing things!And I know you will get back things.Leave about these passions,purpose,job,friends ,family etc..I know you are getting better every single day!I know you will do things well..I  believe that you are the superman!!

Brain: really??I cross check and fight with your decisions everytime and you still have this feeling about me?

Heart :Thats what.. see..Your job is to be logically and ask the perfect questions, and you did!And I am honesty! yoo..I said the truth earlier.

Brain: I Love you..

Heart: I love you too..Lets make it better for her,She just need to sit back and start her work.You can help her better!

Brain: Yeah..I know,Now let me keep this memory in some abandoned shelf  which wont be easily available!

Heart: Does that work?She keeps triggering to deep dig the problems, and when an external signal gets in, the process will be easy!

Brain:mmh…I got it!I will better attach the “Way to solutions” along with the problem folder,That will work for sure.

Heart: Yooo…it will!Love you

Brain: Alryt,wasted a lot of time..its time to do some decent work!I have to get tea and biscuts,we all need to work late night today to compensate for the loss!

Heart :Yes boss..But before you go,please do come in front of the mirror..I just missed her smile for a long!







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