Long walks and Random thoughts!


It was around 7.30 pm  and we(3 girls) were walking back to hostel after the movie. What made us to walk instead of booking a cab or catching the metro? Our love for long walks,conversations and  lil craziness. It was around a 1 hour walk.Adding to our craziness it started to rain heavily!!The 2 umbrellas where of no use as the wind was whirling. But we didn’t had any problem,we sang songs laughed loudly, walked and reached the hostel on time. We really had a good day, long walks and conversations with your friends are one of the most beautiful things that can happen on earth. Both of my friends slept early that day and I was all by myself  on the corner space of our room ,staring at the stars through the window. I was having random thoughts in my brain and then I managed to hold them to do a  retrospective of the day that just went by.

I was rewinding the things that happened. The 3 musketeers and the night walk was a highlight.. What if one of us might had an accident? what if we were kidnapped, what if some electricity short circuit happens with the thunder ..what if we die on the way back while walking at night and the most terrifying thing was what if our parents come to know that we were doing this! All blame would be on us for our crazy idea of walking to hostel than booking a cab. Now I got lil scared with what we did before. Now I knew why one of my friend said that she never imagined that she would be walking at night through the streets enjoying the rain and wind like this.

Thank God nothing happened, but this thought kept disturbing me.Two things are scary 1. Something bad happening 2.Bearing the blame for something bad happened because we were in the so called ‘wrong time’ in the ‘wrong place’.

“Now that is really sad”I said to myself. Every time when some cruel and bad news comes up I say the same. I think of them in my prayers and to an extend will go for  protest asking justice for the victims. That is it. Sad

some where an inner voice was speaking “we all need to be a lil more good,kind and helping. Lil more good that our goodness gets reflected in our communities and our profession makes an impact.Lil more good that we accept  and respond to the social problems as ours before until it actually happens to us. Lil more good that we find time to teach our kids the same stories of being kind and helping each other. This world need more people to realise their goodness within, to shine and radiate their energy!”

mmh..That is true i thought.and the voice continued”Lets work for a world, where we wont be afraid of  war, getting robbed, kidnapped, raped or killed..A beautiful world where peace and happiness sustains.”

Lets walk watching the stars in the night sky ..Lets feel the rain and go with the wind and Lets not be afraid..








With you:-)

“Sun is brighter”

“Yeah..But i will be the Moon in your life”

“But Why Moon?”

“I can be there with you all the time.When it is dark,remember i am always there for you!”

“I love you sooo much Papa” the lil girl cried and hugged her dad.”I love you too..darling”he  lifted her in air and she smiled.


Many years later..when she faced any problems,confusions or trouble she preferred to sit alone.Her dad would always talk to her from heaven.His ideologies,thoughts and beliefs guided her well.

Some Promises are kept alive beautifully beyond our understanding.That is the power of love.That is the magic of Relationships.

Sun is brighter and makes us happy but fails to stay up with us all the time.But the moon may be invisible at times,but manages to be with us all the time being happy for us!

To all the Moons in our lifes..Thank you:-)

Identify Your Own MAGIC _-) (1)

Surprisingly NO!

One afternoon she got a call from Amazon saying she has been selected for a surprise gift this month for being a regular purchaser from amazon(Thanks to her avid book collection, all bought online!).The customer care person from the other side explained her about the gift she has won! “You can choose from any of our 2 gifts madam”, he continued “Either a Laptop or a LED TV.” Soon came her reply in her soothing and happy sound “I don’t need any big gifts, Thank you for your time”. The customer care person at the other end was lil more surprised with her ‘NO’, not even a question about fraud check or further clarifications, he wondered! He tried to persuade her again, “We are offering this gift to only 2 customers and you are one among them”. listening patiently to him, she replied “If that was your product I would have considered, but Gifts..I don’t like to have it from others! I gift myself whatever I need everyday, and that’s the key to my happiness. Would you like to take away that?” she asked in a playful manner.”Sorry madam, have a good day”. She wished him back and disconnected the line!

We all BUY things for ourselves.. but Some people always GIFTS themselves whatever they need! and they have more ‘care’, ‘kindness’ and ‘love’ in their list than ours. Because they treat themselves more special! Their Key to happiness:-)

What is yours??


Little Things

Its been a long time ..ha, the same old fellow who is thinking of abandoning the idea of blogging  is back!This time Captain wants me to stay a lil longer. And I love being Captain’s good girl! Hence ,trying to make a come back.

Today, as we were talking captain said this below lines. Couldn’t resist posting it here.

“If little things can make you happy, I count you lucky”. Indeed happiness is our choice!I really don’t want to forget these lines in my life ..ever! The small good things that we do are the best part of our life and that little things that makes us happy is what actually defines us.




What is the best thing that you can have in your life? Good People..

Yes! I think most of us agree with this! People shower  their love and blessings on you in very different ways. The way your parents, siblings,  partner,  children , friends  and colleagues love you cannot be compared..Infact I believe the concept  of “Love” is not very subjective…they cant be compared nor expected or estimated!We can only cherish them..and in that lies the whole energy of this universe..

Today is Christmas..And I want to thank Almighty God for the endless blessings he showers on me..For those n number of good people in my life.

Thank You:-)


This Society here, Adjust drunkards, who  creates horror in their home!

But this society cannot adjust a women drinking alcohol in public, she is tagged uncultured!

This society adjust a lot of rapists at home ,at school and in public!

They remain silent and even help them live a happy life!

And the same society here cannot adjust love marriages  & inter caste weddings!

If found,they are harassed and  murdered on the spot!

This society can adjust with the idea of dowry, although illegal

But still cant adjust with a women who decides to marry late!

This society can adjust breaking through traffic signals and rash driving,

But this society cannot adjust women driving late at night!

This society can adjust with farmers suicide every now and then,

But this society cannot adjust males helping  in the house hold chores!

This society can adjust eating chemicals in their veggies,

But cannot adjust a neighbour eating meat as per his wish!

This Society can adjust  self styled God-mans doing shits!

But cannot adjust a man growing his hair and beard in his fashion!

This Society Adjusts a hell lot of illegal violent and inhuman activities,

And this society cannot adjust with equality and true love!

Screenshot (2)








“What you DON’T want to do in Life” Matters!

I happened to end up here thinking a lot over my confusions about my own future,What to do next in Life?( lets call it WTDNIL) I have had this discussion with myself many times before. But today as I was thinking a good thought just lighted up!Its not an ultimate solution to my problem, but do help in some ways! Trying to share the same here:-)

When it comes to looking for a job,There are different kinds of people in this world,My classification for the time being:

1.People who have a clear idea about what they want to do in life (Like few of my friends in Engineering college who waited for Core company Jobs after graduation/Or who went abroad for doing Masters…I use to wonder how do they have this clear idea!Some think for themselves and some are forced to act out their well wisher’s clear plan..Anyway in both these cases they are escaped from “WTDNIL” problem

2.People who like to do anything or something that comes their way!( Not much affected by WTDNIL problem, as they accept more)

3.People who are interested in many areas but confused! (Or people who are simply confused!!-makes more sense).


2nd category,That’s where I stood after my Engineering graduation, I didn’t wait too much or tried hard to get in to a company where I could apply the signal processing or Antenna theories instead I jumped into an IT company when it came my way.  Now once you get into role you can either stay there for a long or withdraw if you feel like its no more your cup of tea. I joined the IT firm,enjoyed working there, had lot of friends and all the happiness of the first job and ‘being away from home’. But 2 years down the line working for 9 hrs staring at the system seems less excited for me. I planned to move and joined for MBA! And now the 3rd category of the list is in scene.This is where I am right now, I’m in the last semester of my MBA course.So after few months I will be stuck with the “WTDNIL” problem again. This time the story is different, I am interested in multiple things and don’t know in which area I need to focus for a job. To the core I am a peoples person, HRM is my love! But at the same time Market Research excites me a lot and so does Marketing, the real fun of business lies there. And after the business analytics class, i am forced to think much about it, Its the future of business and I want to dig in! Apart from these CSR has always been my thing and I want to be sustainability leader someday. In between I also feel that I want to get into public administration although its very difficult!

The problem is I am not good  at any of these and I don’t know which one to focus!I still don’t know what exactly I want to do in my life!! But one thing that I figured out to tackle this situation is knowing exactly “What I don’t want to do in my life”.

Now that seems to be an easier task. I tried to fix those things that I don’t want to do .That’s a better feeling! Few things in my list goes like this:-Not to work abroad-Not to do monotonous job-Not to stick to the office work alone-Not to save more money-Not to be a consumerist etc. That doesn’t exactly solves the problem, but takes out few confusions! I don’t have to give attention to ‘work abroad’ jobs. I don’t have to get in to a post  just because it offers high salary!

I think Understanding  what we  DONT WANT TO DO in our life is as equally important as knowing what to do in life! It helps to shield our thoughts, make us more focused about what we really want to do!

The WTDNIL problem affect us while choosing a  carrier path,in some stages of relationships, business,social life  and many other areas! And the idea of understanding  “What you don’t want to do in life” really helps in solving the WTDNL problems to an extend in many cases!

Concluding with a beautiful thing that my friend told.” I have no idea about whom I have to marry, when I want to get married or whether I have to get married or not. But I am pretty much sure that I DON’T WANT TO get married until I fulfill few of my “TO DO LIST” in life”.And I think the last part mattered most for her!

“Knowing what you really DON’T WANT TO DO” is a blessing! So next time when you sit down to think “What I want to do now”  and end up with an agitating mind ,think about “What  I DON’T want to do now”. Might help and do wonders!


Thank you:-)